Sometimes    : Sometimes I forget to bring a book
Some times    : I went to your house for some times but I never met you
Sometime    : I hope we meet you again sometime in the future
Sometime    : I have been waiting for you for some time

Very selalu diikuti dengan Adj
Helps from others are very needed. (incorrect)
Helps from others are very much needed

  2 comments for “ALL ABOUT SOMETIMES

  1. unique
    Juli 30, 2010 pukul 12:51 pm

    helps, are, and much????

  2. muiz
    November 1, 2010 pukul 11:12 pm

    another nice post…
    what about ‘very’ in the sentence: “They live in this very cave” or “the knight was in the very castle”
    the “very” comes before noun…hope you give your best explanation…
    thanks alot

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